figure it out

nous avons du … ce mai dom’le .. superficialitate la tot pasul.

        Rar gasesti un lucru facut bine . Nici macar nu mai stim ce sau cum e binele asta. Cel mai trist e ca uitam defapt sa vedem de noi insine. Ideea e sa incerci sa fi mai bun pentru ceilalti din jurul tau, nu pentru a schimba lumea intreaga, vorba francezului ” for a better world” … nu … pentru oamenii dragi tie.. sa le faci o bucurie .. sa i vezi ca zambesc. 

Traiasca egoismul … desi ne gandim doar la noi insine… uitam sa privim in noi. Uiti sa arunci o privire , un moment de atentie sufletului tau.. sa vezi ce mai face. Ai putea totusi..


never wait for tomorrow
Ally Dally 
femeile … :-j se cuceresc singure

da dom’le .. asa e azi. usor … si ce vine usor .. vine fara de valoare. ma iubesti?! .. hm , poate din punctul tau de vedere. 

trece o luna, doua, se face un an .. poate chiar doi si inca raportezi totul la o persoana, prima .. a doua nu numarul conteaza ci momentul acela in care ai simtit ca ai putea merge pana la capatul lumii si inapoi daca si numai daca ai persoana aceea langa tine. eh .. trece, timpul, sentimentul, emotia care o simteai atunci cand ” trrrr” telefonul si si totul se schimba ” alo , te am sunat ca sa.. te aud ”  patru cinci cuvinte  si erai euforic de’a dreptul .. oare totul se schimba asa simplu? .. asa usor? 

Ne tot plangem : ” ce magar , m-a ranit ” bla bla bla .. ” mai bine n’ar mai exista senitmente ” .. serios ?! eu zic sa te mai gandesti 

Bucuria de a strange in brate pe cineva la care tii , de a-i zambi si a-ti zambi inapoi, de a- i spune cat ti-a lipsit .. de a-l simti atat de aproape de tine … de a-i asculta din nou glumele proaste :)) .. da … fara sentimente .. nu .

Si totusi dupa ce te arzi o data sufli si in iaurt… si uneori involuntar.



don’t think twice it’s alright

maybe you should enjoy the moment.. but i think that you should take a look to the consequences . and when you have to make a decision .. think just once, but after stay on it if you feel it’s the right thing to do even it’s hard … it’ll come sunny one day. don’t worry. And i don’t know yet know to deal problems, the only thing i know it’s that i have to have patience cuz’ everything it’s temporary.

i feel very optimistyc now, i don’t know why , but do i need a reason ? 


people are strange, and not only that they are selfish.. maybe i am selfish. i try not to be, i learnd that i have to think at me first.. and i have to think just once.. for me its enough?

general quastions

why when a boy loves a girl and the girl doesn’t respond and he stills into her is something soo but sooo romantic, and when its in reverse its something completly pshycotic ?

why when someboy told me i had very small ears i felt qute and i think he just only made a remak ? 

how crazy life can be? :)) 


There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life — happiness, freedom, and peace of mind — are always attained by giving them to someone else.
a shot right in my heart.. and it all begins

my favourite song, my favourite drink, and hello ms. Crazy. Sometimes you don’t have to wonder why, you just have to enjoy whatever is it; a drink , a relationship, a summer day, a snowfall.. cuz nothing lasts forever,  that’s why you don’t have to worry… everything in life is temporary. It’s true.. is everything but easy, but it’s beautiful, it’s happiness all around, you just have to learn how to see it, feel it and where to search for it :) 

maybe tomorrow i’ll wake up in New York.. or Paris, one can never know



made my night

made my night

a walk
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i get out of my place.. and i took a ride trough life in time..:

how would i think if i was more then 24 “nowadays” . And I wasn’t so thrill about it. It’s a age when you must figure it out , already what you wanna do for the next 70 years in general, and i just took a breath and said : ” relax, you’re only 20 and a five teeny tainy months. 

It’s not always about others to make yourself happy, neither nobody will come along and pleases you to make your dreams come true; so you have to work hard to get what you want, but becareful it must coincid with what you need … other way, you’re dying for free.